Remodeling and Design Services

Custom Kitchen Renovations

As licensed general contractors, with a passion for design we can handle any home remodel from start to finish. We work with you to create a design for your kitchen that will result in a beautiful, healthy, and functional space. 

Custom Bathroom Renovations

We work with you to create the perfect custom design for your bathroom using the latest products and styles. Our skilled team of builders work with intentionality so you enjoy the process and the product for years to come.

Reflexology Paths

Reflexology paths are walking paths make of smooth river rocks turned on edge, closely packed together and embedded in a concrete substrate. Walking on the paths provides health benefits and the artistic designs created add aesthetically to any space.

Transitional Spaces

We work with you to design transitional outdoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Whether you need a new deck, pergola or custom stone work, we can create a space that you will love.


Mission statement:

To work with our clients to co-create a home environment that supports a healthier and more connected lifestyle by incorporating intention, functionality, and aesthetics into our design and building practices.

By surrounding ourselves in a healthy environment, we promote our happiness and well-being. We help our clients to do this by working with them to create simple, intentional, functional, or “sacred” spaces in and around their homes. We draw from our personal backgrounds as well as from the natural world to create spaces that allow our clients to feel healthier, happier, more relaxed, and more connected in their homes. We specialize in everything from kitchens and bathrooms to full house remodels as well as outdoor landscaping and transitional spaces. Our goal is to treat our work as a practice and aim to bring intention and presence to all we do.  We build with our hands, our heads, and our hearts, priding ourselves on establishing excellent working relations with all we do business with.


Karl Manteuffel

Karl’s diverse background in science, medicine, art, and construction affords him a capacity to design and build high quality interior and exterior spaces that promote daily well-being by incorporating health, spirit and creative flair into each project. 

Karl obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2004, followed by a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2011.  Outside of formal education Karl has explored life. He has framed houses in Jackson Hole Wyoming, built sections of the Continental Divide Trail, worked at a Buddhist Retreat Center, worked as photographer, a stone mason and as an acupuncturist and bodyworker.

Karl uses his background to bring influences of health, creativity and art into every aspect of his craftsmanship and design work.

Visit www.karlmanteuffel.com to see more of his work.

Karl lives with his family in beautiful Eldorado Springs, Colorado.

Daniel Roth

Daniel Roth is a licensed building contractor in the Boulder area.  He is currently spearheading a new and exciting approach to interior and exterior spaces by designing and installing reflexology paths utilizing mosaic art.  Daniel’s past experience working with walking paths, meditation and tai chi affords him a unique capacity to promote clients health and well-being through designing and building both interior and exterior spaces which engender greater functionality and beauty in form.

Daniel was convinced over 15 years ago how powerful reflexology can be.  In Penang, after walking daily on a path for a month, Daniel began to experience an extraordinary connection to the Earth and to his body.  While he has provided professional building services for over a decade, he is excited to bring new building modalities, creative design, and functional art to his work.


Reflexology Paths


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