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About Sacred Spaces Design Build

Mission statement:

To work with our clients to co-create an environment that supports a healthy and connected lifestyle by incorporating intention, functionality, and aesthetics into our design and building practices.

It is our view that healthy environments promote happiness and well-being.   The health of an inhabited environment relates not only to warmth, comfort, airflow, good lighting and functionality, but also enlivening and inspiring artistic design elements.  We draw from our experience as well as our deepening connection to nature.  We build with our hands, our heads, and our hearts and we are committed to maintaining excellent working relationships with all of our clients throughout any given project and beyond. 


Our Process

We have the skills and resources to help move your dream project from an idea to a reality.

From the initial concept design, permitting and finally to finish work, our team efficiently and effectively moves your project to completion.

Preconstruction Design

We co-create a vision of what could be with our clients in both 2d and 3d then refine the details, organize the project and submit for permitting.

Design & Construction Estimate

Work work closely with both the client and architect during the design process to create accurate estimates for each project. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service for a competitive rate.

On-Site Consultations

We routinely meet onsite with our clients to go over the work that has been completed, and discuss the details of the work to come.

The Finishing

Finishes are our specialty.  Our craftsmen take pride in the details ensuring a superior product that is beautiful and long lasting.


Our Team

Our Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our work and therefore provide our clients a 2 year warranty on our work.

Our company was born of the search for more connection and soul in the building trades.  In a fun and creative period of collaboration between Karl and Daniel Sacred Spaces Design Build was born.  The goal we envisioned was to create a business that offers a superior service where the building materials, the relationships, and the earth are all treated as sacred.  From this perspective more care is taken to re-use materials, to be kind and compassionate to our fellow workers and clients,  to design homes with more care and intention.  With the goal to make something more than just another functional space, sacred spaces aims to bring art, beauty and Sprit into the home and business, and to bring more intention to the process of construction itself.

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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